Want to add value to your property, or more importantly, do you need to replace that tired leaky old roof? Fortunately you can achieve both when re-roofing utilising Roofing Industries innovative products supplied in a large range of fashionable colours, varying metal finishes and substrates.

As re-roofing is a relatively inexpensive exercise, you will be pleasantly surprised how simple and cost effective it is creating addtional value to your porperty, whether it by enhancing the overall appearance or protecting the roof framing structure from costly water damage. Lets face it- who needs a leaky building?

Our technical represenatives are extremely experienced and recognise that your home or building is a significant capital investment, and they will recommend the appropriate and most cost effective products to give your project that visual appeal and point of difference. Why not give one of our nationwide branches a call, and we will send you our latest Re-Roofing and Roofing With Style brochures. At your request we will also have one of technical representatives visit the site, discuss the best options in meeting your budget and then provide a free no obligation quotation