Roofing Industries

Advanced Processing Solutions

Experience the Power of our State-of-the-Art Coil Processing Production Line. With cutting-edge technology imported in 2018, Roofing Industries offers a comprehensive range of processes tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Roofing Industries provide a light coil slitting services encompassing a wide range of pre painted and post painted coil metal substrates. If required, coils can be collected and redistributed meeting customers requirements including Coil Laminating and Coil Recoiling options.

Coil Laminating

Roofing Industries provides a coil laminating service by way of adhering an unbroken thin laminating film adhered to the surface(s) of the coil. This is commonly done to protect the coil during a subsequent manufacturing process. We also can apply a product known as Dri-Clad™ to the underside of the coil which is purpose developed thin felt-type surface to alleviate with water dripping off the underside of a roof.


The Roofing Industries processing line possesses the ability to break-down coil into smaller weights and sizes. In the case of Copper coil, the product is normally recoiled around a cardboard inner sleeve system and where specifically requested this facility is also available to aluminium coil.

Material Data
Type Pre-painted and post-painted
Steel/Galvanised/Zinc/Alum/Copper/Stainless - *Stainless steel breakdown only
Maximum Tensile Strength 344.74 N/mm²
Maximum Coil Thickness 1.02mm when Slitting
1.80mm when breaking down a coil, applying film or Dripstop (Copper & Aluminium only)
Minimum Coil Thickness 0.38mm when Slitting
Coil Specifications
Maximum Entry Weight 6,350kg
Maximum Entry Width 1,600mm
Maximum Entry Coil O/D 1,524mm