BPIS Downloads Page

At Roofing Industries, we are committed to transparency and ensuring that our customers have access to crucial information about our building products. In compliance with the latest government regulations, we present our BPIS (Building Product Information System) downloads to provide you with comprehensive details about our designated building products.

Product Classes: Class 1 and Class 2

Our BPIS downloads cover two classes of designated building products. Class 1 includes mass-produced products like cladding, roofing, insulation, and more, while Class 2 comprises customised products tailored to individual client specifications, such as external window joinery and doors.

Information Disclosure Requirements

For each class, we meticulously provide the following information:

- Product name and description
- Product identifier
- Manufacturer and importer details
- Scope and limitations of use
- Design, installation, and maintenance requirements
- Compliance with Building Code clauses
- Confirmation of any warnings or bans under the Building Act 2004

When and How Information is Provided

For Class 1 products, information is available before or when the product is offered for supply. For Class 2 products, it is provided prior to ordering. This information is published and maintained on our internet site, ensuring free and easy access without pre-conditions.

Importance of Manufacturer Details

We believe in the importance of transparency regarding the manufacturer's details. Knowing the manufacturer helps homeowners, product specifiers, and building consent authorities make informed decisions.

We understand the significance of disclosing overseas manufacturer details, as it supports potential investigations in case of product failure. Explore our BPIS downloads to make informed choices about Roofing Industries' building products. We value your trust and aim to provide the highest quality products with integrity and openness.

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