Eco Solutions

As a member of both the NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Association and Roofing Association of New Zealand, and involved with supplying materials on recent prestigious Green Star rated projects, it is our company’s policy where possible to minimise any negative impact we or our products may have on the environment.  Initiatives such as installing GPS units to our large transportation fleet to save wasted mileage, sourcing fully recyclable New Zealand manufactured raw materials from both New Zealand Steel and Pacific Coil Coaters, fully computerised folding operations maximizing material usage, reducing wastage and the recycling of scrap materials are just some of the steps we take on a daily basis. Issues such as appropriate substrates, water run off, paint coatings, natural ventilation, thermal protection and appropriate natural lighting are all factors our highly experienced staff take into consideration when making recommendations to building designers and building owners.

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Cool Roof Technology

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