Project Solutions

Within Project Solutions, we have categorised frequently asked questions under various headings so that building designers and customers can reasonably quickly find a solution to a problem and then utilise a flow process link through to products, CAD drawings, technical data sheets and specification. We trust you will find Project Solutions both informative and time saving, and we welcome any feedback which may assist us in expanding available information


Metal Roofing and Cladding

What particular care should be taken when installing aluminium roofing?

What is reverse run cladding

What is seamless tray roofing?

What are hidden clip systems

What is electricity generating roofing?

Is there a Corrugated that can be installed below 8° pitch?

Is a “wider than normal” Corrugated product available?

What is “mini” or baby corrugate

Are noise reducing/acoustic perforated products available?

What is considered a modern European roofing look?

Is metal recessed panel and soffit claddings available?

Is metal vertical, horizontal and raked cladding available?

Can my roofing or cladding be Drape, Spring or Crimp curved?

What is “reverse run” cladding?

What are VM Zinc and Titan Zinc materials?

Is Copper roofing and cladding readily available?

Is aluminium available both unpainted and painted?

What is ZAM?

Is stainless steel available?

Is roofing and cladding available painted both sides?

What pre-painted colours are available?

What product should be used close to the sea, thermal or volcanic areas?

Need Quotation or Estimate?

How can I get a quotation or estimate?

Rainwater Systems

From what metal substrates can spouting, gutter and fascia be manufactured?

What modern colours are available for spouting, gutter and fascia?

Where can I find information on concealed and external fascia?

What commercial gutter systems are available?

What residential spouting and gutter systems are available?

Roof Installer

Where can I find a qualified installer?

Roof ventilation

Smoke and Fire ventilation

Need passive smoke and fire ventilation systems?


Where can I find information on sustainability and eco products?

Underlays and Insulation

What insulation and underlays will I need?

Translucent/Transparent Roofing

What roof lighting is effective as a smoke fire vent?

What is Multiwall polycarbonate roofing?

What quality polycarbonate roofing can I use on my residential or commercial project

What is Fibreglass or GRP Roofing?


Where can I find technical drawings

Where can I locate roofing and cladding maintenance requirements?

Where can I find information in relation to installation and general good roofing practice?

Where can I find the storage and handing ?

Can I collect rainwater from my roof?

Where can I find information relation to roof and cladding expansion?

Need snow loading information?

Where can I find information on fastening requirements?

Where can I find information on dissimilar metals?

Where can I find Specification Guides ?

Where can I find your Product Summaries (product data sheets)?


Where can I obtain a project warranty?