Multirib® is a medium height, cladding profile designed primarily for commercial applications. however is also suitable for residential cladding. When manufactured in a reverse-run profile (with or without swage) Multirib® cladding offers a point of difference

Multirib® provides numerous benefits for the building designer including clean lines and innovative design features offering superior strength and spanning capability over similar profiles.


  • Convex ribs provide strength and water run-off away from the fixings
  • Twin capillary breaks on the lap
  • Purpose designed leg provides support to the underlap
  • Steeply angled ribs provide superior strength and aesthetics
  • Installers feet fit neatly in the pan thereby avoiding damage to the ribs
  • Can be “reverse run” and the swage removed for use as a wall cladding
  • Lap can be altered in the reverse run process to ensure improved aesthetics and water tightness
  • Excellent water carrying capacity 
  • Equally impressive for both roofing and cladding applicationsSuperior spanning at low roof pitch
  • Supported by Wind and Concentrated Load Span Design graphs derived from extensive industry test rig trials


  • For industrial and commercial roofing and cladding projects where both high spanning and a low pitch is required
  • Residential roofing
  • Industrial and commercial horizontal and vertical cladding in both standard and reverse run applications
  • Rural and lifestyle roofing and cladding
  • Drape curving



Reverse run cladding profile - supplied with or without swage





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