Developed by some of New Zealand’s most accomplished metal roofing and cladding professionals who have been actively involved in the construction industry for over a quarter of a century, Maxispan® is a strong and aesthetically pleasing high rib roofing and cladding profile. The profile incorporates a number of innovative practical design features and provides significant advantages to building designers.


  • Convex ribs provide strength and water run-off away from the fixings
  • Twin capillary breaks on the lap
  • Purpose designed leg provides support to the underlap
  • Can be “reverse run” and the swage removed for wall cladding application
  • Lap can be altered in the reverse run process to ensure improved aesthetics and water tightness (.55 BMT recommended)
  • Wide cover reduces installation time
  • Superior spanning
  • Supported by Wind and Concentrated Load Span Design graphs derived from extensive industry test rig trials


  • For industrial and commercial cladding projects
  • Can installed as horizontal, vertical or raked cladding
  • Carports







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