APC dayliter®

Smoke and fire venting, plus natural roof lighting all in one

APC Dayliter® is a Factory Mutual (FM) and UL approved smoke and fire venting natural roof lighting product which provides passive fire and smoke roof venting

Manufactured from a high impact and modified acrylic proprietary heat-sensitive material, in the event of fire the unit ventilates prior to fire temperatures reaching detrimental levels. Construction of the base and the safety cage is from high grade aluminium.


  • Commercial and Industrial project passive smoke and fire control for installation in both new and existing structures


  • Automatically opens at low temperature to vent toxic smoke and gases
  • Works with all sprinkler systems including ESFR
  • Retrofitting of existing buildings is a low cost exercise
  • Lightweight, yet strong
  • No moving parts to fail
  • No wiring or ongoing maintenance costs
  • No backup systems required.
  • Lower overall cost than traditional mechanical systems
  • Low cost to install
  • Twin-skin system provides thermal benefits from its twin-skin dome structure
  • A safety cage provides standard fall protection


Available in a standard size of 2430 mm x 1210 mm, and supplied with flashing kits to match any roofing profile. Other sizes and models available on request

Technical Drawings

CAD drawings are provided to meet specific project design criteria