True Oak® Corrugate is here

Roofing Industries introduces a New Zealand first - True Oak® Corrugate, the first major advance in metal corrugated roofing for over 70 years. True Oak® is a return to the original rounder, deeper sinusoidal wave corrugated profile



Strikingly different from traditional shallow corrugated profiles, True Oak® adds style and charm to any roofline. The distinctive shadowlines and deeper curves transform the performance of corrugated roofing as we currently know it and with an added benefit in that the product can be installed at a lower roof pitch than standard shallow corrugate. When you need your project to exhibit that “special appeal” with a point of difference over 10’s of thousands of other homes, then you need to specify that you need True Oak® Corrugated


Features and Benefits

Greater span reduces construction costs
Strongest residential metal corrugated profile
Warranties meet New Zealand's Building Code                                                          
Installation possible at 4 degree pitch                                                                                                                                                      
Enhanced water carrying capacity
Ability to down-gauge due to profile strength
A snug-fitting lapping edge is aesthetically pleasing and reduces unsightly shadowlines


Residential roofing and cladding
Reroofing of historic buildings with low pitch roofs and verandahs
Ceiling and walling in both horizontal and vertical formats
Curved and bullnosed projects


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