Smoke control innovation

Passive smoke and fire venting concerns solved


As a result of concerns that roof lighting products may not offer an acceptable solution for passive smoke and fire venting, Roofing Industries are pleased to bring APC Dayliter® to the NZ Market. With internationally recognised FM plus UL accreditations, these innovative passive smoke and fire vents which double as thermal rated natural roof lights, are now readily accepted by both designers and fire engineers as an acceptable solution for use in commercial projects throughout N.Z.

Installed as either retrofitted product (and thereby reducing sprinkler installation costs), or alternatively installed into new projects, the APC Dayliter® dome product  is manufactured from a unique patented compound which  utilizes a low drop-out temperature to provide satisfactory venting. Requiring minimum installation, no electrical wiring or back up systems and needing no further ongoing maintenance costs, this is most certainly a low cost and practical solution

An important safety feature associated with the APC dayliter® is the lightweight safety frame incorporated into the design of each unit thereby preventing firemen and or maintenance personnel accidentally falling through the roof

The standard size of each unit is 2430mm x 1210mm unit (however other configurations are available) with each product  manufactured from high grade aluminium alloy which in turn supports the patented high impact dome system.

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