Roofing Industries - marathon product testing

Roofing Industries – Completes a “Marathon”……… Product testing on the NZMRM Test Rig


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Roofing Industries has undertaken exhaustive testing of its Roofing and Cladding profiles utilising the NZRM Test rig. The profiles were subjected to a range of tests including to 6.0kPa UDL (wind uplift –static load) •  1.1 kN Point load (trafficability) Cyclic load up to 1000 cycle times per test all in order to identify any potential failure areas


Testing involved Zincalume®, Galvanised, Aluminium and Stainless Steel roofing and cladding products covering a range of thicknesses, and of equal importance, incorporating both varying fastening products and fastening patterns


The purpose of Roofing Industries undertaking this mammoth testing programme, (other than proving suitability our products as being fit for purpose), was to test our products as part of a “system” with the ultimate aim of providing utmost confidence to specifiers and customers alike.  Rather than just test the roof sheeting, the process involved testing all associated products in situ as part of a complete system


All company technical literature which now clearly indentifies both appropriate purlin spacing and fastening systems under different loads and across all products has been extensively revised and republished utilising the information obtained from the test results, NZMRM Code of Practice and E2/AS1 as applicable, and is available as Downloads