Eurostyle™ spanlok™ and eurolok™ Innovation “No Ply Required”

Following the success and ongoing demand for Eurostyle™ epic™ series of tray roofing and cladding profiles, Roofing Industries is pleased to announce the launch of its spanlok™ and eurolok™ standing seam tray series of profiles.

Utilising further inspiration from the Roofing Industries design team who continue to strive in taking roofing and cladding in new directions, spanlok and eurolok are the latest products from the stable. Spanlok and eurolok products are revolutionary in that they can be installed without the need for solid substrate support and are simply fixed to purlins and girts thereby significantly reducing construction costs.

Spanlok with its 45mm rib height and eurolok - 50mm rib height are manufactured and supplied in variable widths and swage options, allowing building designers great flexibility in expressing individual flair and design inspiration.

Please do not hesitate to give any of our Branches a call for further information.