Waihohonu Hut - Ruapehu, Central North Island

Builder: Myles Halberg, Feilding, Manawatu

Roofing contractor: APV Plumbing, Palmerston North

Roofing Profile: Roofing Industries Corrugate

Product: ZMX hot-dipped aluminium/zinc magnesium alloy-coated steel.

Colour: Ironsand.


Although the tender called for standard metal roofing and cladding, DOC officials asked if there was a more resilient material that might better withstand the corrosive conditions.

Roofing Industries in Palmerston North had just the solution in meeting the corrosion issue – ColorCote ZM8. This robust roofing and cladding ZAM substrate is cost effcetive and designed to combat corrosive environments typically found in the volcanic regions. ZAM is a hot-dipped aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy-coating that provides superior protection to steel. Further protection is provided by the polyester primer and baked-on ZM8 top coats, ensuring a great looking and long-lasting finish.