Herne Bay Villa and True Oak® corrugate

Roofing Contractor: Lowndes Roofing

Roofing profile: True Oak® Corrugate

Colour: ZR8 Ironsand


The owners of this stunning villa in Herne Bay had a real problem. They needed a reroof, however part of the roof system had orginally been constructed below the allowable 8 degree roof pitch when using corrugated roofing under today's building code. They really only had two options and both of these were rather unpalatable:

Option 1.         Repitch the roof to 8 degrees at tremendous cost

Option 2.         Instead of using Corrugated, reroof the house with a 5 Rib trapezoidal type roof profile which in reality would not be in keeping with historic appeal


Fortunately Darryl Lowndes of Lowndes Roofing had a solution as he had just heard that Roofing Industries was currently launching a revolutionary new Corrugate product branded as True Oak®  Corrugate which had remarkable attributes, such as incredible strength, additional water carrying capacity, close lapping edges and in this case, more importantly was able to be installed down to a minimum roof pitch of 4 degrees!

The Result:

Extremely appreciative home owners, an attractive project in keeping with its historial value, cost savings and once again demonstrating that Roofing Industries is without question the market leader in roofing and cladding innovation